Sage Rose Witches Candle

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Throughout history, humanity has been dipping dried mullein stalks in beeswax and using the resulting "candles" or torches as a source of light and during a variety of ceremonies.

Handcrafted Witch's Candles with mullein that was cut & wild-harvested from a forest walk thru Arizona's Rim and Northern lands. The beeswax used, comes from a Northern Arizona beekeeper who has been lovingly caring for his bees for decades. The wax is raw and unfiltered; carrying with it the sweetest scent of honey and magick! And the plant spirits used in adornment are either homegrown or organically cultivated on small family farms.

When burned, these candles are a tool for:

  • banishing bad influences within the home
  • connecting with the spirits (especially those spirits of our ancestors)
  • necromancy rituals
  • purifying the air within your sacred space
  • thinning the veil between worlds
  • calling in loving spirit nourishment 

MADE OF: wild-harvested mullein stalks; raw, unfiltered beeswax from lovingly cared for bees; homegrown blue sage; organically cultivated White Sage; organic rose petals

-listing is for one(1) candle
-each candle is approx. 6-7 inches in length
-Witches' Candles burn approx. 10-15 minutes per inch
-it is best to burn entirely once lit (however, you may dip safely in water to extinguish and cut stalk to save for multiple uses)
-Witches' Candles produce little to no smoke, and do not disintegrate when burning (there is very little ash).
-safe to burn indoors; do not leave unattended