Mini Spice Wand

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There are few other ancient herbal ancestors, such as rosemary with the willingness to cleanse & protect a space. When combined in synergy with the protective properties of ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon), the smoke of these allies fully support & attract positive energy within your home; removing all negativity, while ushering in love + peace.

The smoke of these plant spirits are equally as willing to cleanse your tarot deck prior to use, bring clarity, and an enhancement of your psychic abilities.

MADE WITH: organic flowering rosemary; ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) stick; wrapped in all-natural hemp cord.

-Each wand is approx. 5 inches in length.
-Upon purchase, you will receive one(1) wand.

For use as traditional smudge. Take the smoke to all desired space for negative energy clearing. Likewise, place the stick in a fire-safe bowl or shell while allowing the smoke to cleanse your space. Repeat as often as desired.